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 My only true love

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"If I wouldn't have been able to talk to any of my friends
then, I would have killed myself. You got one of three cries from me out
to my friends, maybe just for attention, I don't know.. (...) Since I've known you, I've been a different person, I've gotten stronger and more sure of myself. You helped me grow up from the boy I was into the.. well, boy I am now." (From friends will be friends forever, December 31, 2002)



"I cried so many times since the airport... laying in bed, waiting for you to join me, remembering that you couldn't, rolling over to kiss you and you weren't there, listening to Anuk this morning, thinking of you... I just can't help it. The tears just roll out. I can't fight it anymore. I certainly know what you mean about not saying much at the airport... it was hard for me to say just what i said without choking on tears. I keep looking through all our pictures... even the ugly bad ones of me ;) And it feels like, well... or should i say "wool" ... you need to come back. And this time, you're not leaving. I mean it. " (from Re: Miss you much, January 21, 2003)

"I can't wait to see you again!!! No one i know is crazy enough to make out with me on an escalator... except you. ;) It's only been four days, but it feels like it's been four years. Every night, I go to bed, curl up, and wait for you to walk through my bedroom door and join me, covering me with your toothpaste kisses. Oh how I miss them. My neck is completely healed... I think something needs to be done about that." (From: Sucking face on the escalator, January 24, 2003)

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